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14-05-22 By: Michael Stent

Introducing Lunor

How did Lunor come about?

Lunor began just over 30 years ago with the ambition be become an eyewear pioneer by returning to true craftsmanship. Each Lunor frame is completely unique and always manufactured from the highest quality materials. This uncompromising approach to master craftsmanship forms the core of the Lunor experience.

How are Lunor glasses manufactured?

Lunor frames are manufactured using a combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and cutting-edge production. CNC machines are used for guaranteed precision and accuracy not possible using the human eye and craftsmen and women give each frame a beautiful hand polish. This merging of innovation and history helps a vintage, heritage brand like Lunor into the future.

What makes the finish of a Lunor so unique?

Lunor frames are made from some of the highest quality cotton-based acetate around is one of many reasons how Lunor frames have such beautifully polished and deep matt finishes.

What is a rivet hinge?

A rivet hinge is when the rivets of the joint and sunken completely through the acetate material. The hinge is under daily stress by taking our glasses on and off. Depending on the colour of the acetate frame you can see these pins passing through the material, but don’t be fooled as some manufacturers put two or three dots on the front just for the riveted frame effect.

What is Lunor’s ethos?

In recent years Lunor has moved to their new home in the Black Forest, that nature is what is behind the ethos as a brand. They commit to conserving resources, acting sustainably, and are a certified carbon neutral company.

Straightforward, confident, stylish – that is how Lunor see’s the wearers of their frames.

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