07-07-22 By: Michael Stent

A guide to anti-reflection lens coatings

In 2022 it’s no longer one coating for all your visual needs, there are now coatings specifically designed for different aspects of our lives from coatings for long hours at your laptop or the 5-hour drive to Cornwall.

We break down the different types of anti-reflection coatings we offer at Ace Eyewear and explain the benefits of each.


Do I need an anti-reflection coating?

The short answer is yes. There are many benefits to a coated lens, without one you have awful white reflections off the front of your lens meaning people sometimes can’t see your eyes. They also let through 7% more light than an uncoated lens which improves your clarity of vision as the human eye can see better with more light. Hence you may have noticed your vision is better during the day than at dusk or in the evening.

All of our coatings also come with UV protection built in, a year’s scratch warranty, and on some coatings a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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What lens coatings can I choose from? 


“Traditional” anti-reflection coating

This coating is a great all round coating that performs well when driving, out and about as well as at the office. Perfect if no two days are the same.

Blue light coating

If your day consists of hours on a laptop or iPad this is for you. It is designed to block the blue spectrum of light between 380nm and 500nm emitted from our digital devices. This reduces eye strain and fatigue when using your digital devices for long periods.

The only drawback to this lens is that white appears slightly off-white therefore we don’t recommend this for artists or designers who need to see the true perception of colour.


Road clear coating

This coating is designed specifically for drivers who struggle with visual clarity in low light conditions or those who struggle with glare when driving at night.

The coating eliminates the glare from the particularly dazzling xenon and LED headlights by up to 50% making for more relaxed and comfortable night vision.

Ultra-shield coating

This coating is produced by Japanese lens manufacturer Tokai and is up to 6 times more scratch resistant than a traditional anti-reflection coating. If you’re a bit hard on your glasses then this is the coating for you.


Eternal Skin Coating

This lens reduces near infra-red rays which have been linked to wrinkles and aging around the eyes by up to 50%.


No reflection coating

Another fantastic coating from Tokai that reduces surface reflections of a lens to 0.19% making it great for zoom calls.


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