Our Eye Tests

We pride ourselves on offering in-depth eye tests, nothing is rushed, that’s why we allow an hour for your examination. In that time we can perfect your prescription and make sure the all-important health of your eyes is thoroughly checked.

We have also recently invested in an OCT scanner which allows us to further enhance your eye examination with us. This scan takes a more in-depth look at the health of your eyes, allowing us to detect any issues earlier and recommend the best course of action. When performed regularly it gives us a comparison year on year allowing us to track the health of your eyes.

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Our Lenses

Single vision lenses

Precise visual correction for distance or near vision as prescribed by our optometrist.


Varifocal lenses

Offer convenience for patients who require glasses for both distance and near tasks in one easy-to-use lens.


Office lenses

This lens is designed for users whose workday combines reading and writing with the use of a desktop and laptop. The lens design offers the best field of vision for these tasks.


Made in Japan

All of these lenses are made in Japan using the highest optical quality materials, precise engineering and are available in thin lens materials for high prescriptions.


Included as standard on all our lenses

  • UV protection
  • 1-year no-quibble scratch warranty
  • Scratch-resistant anti-reflection coating
  • Blue light filter



Brilliant eye test experience here, and incredible aftercare which really adds to the feeling of being a valued new customer. The eye test was very thorough, and the woman doing it was lovely and explained everything as she went along.

Michael, the owner, is super friendly and helpful, and stocks a beautiful range of frames. I will definitely be going back, and highly recommend Michael and his team.