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Best glasses & sunglasses for small faces

For those with petite, smaller faces finding the perfect frames can sometimes be a difficult task with many frames designed for the “average” person in mind. Thankfully here at Ace Eyewear we work with a number of independent designers including Parisian designer Ahlem, Lunor based in the Black Forest, and You Mawo who offer ultra-light, 3D printed eyewear as well as a bespoke service using facial scanning technology so you can enjoy a perfectly fitting frame no matter how big or small your features may be.


Understanding glasses sizing for small faces

Glasses sizing is made up of three numbers always displayed on the inside of either the left or right temple and consists of three numbers.

Glasses Sizing
  • Eye size is the size of the lens itself.
  • Bridge size is measured from the point on the frame where the two lenses are closest. This is where things start to get a little tricky as this means that two frames with identical bridge shapes and fittings can have significantly different bridge size measurements. This is likely to be the case when one frame is a thin acetate frame and another is much thicker.
  • Temple length or side length is measured from the start to the end of the temple.

Due to the effect that design and material can have on the size and fit of your glasses we recommend you use the sizing on frames as a guideline rather than a rule, as I for example where eye sizes from 46 to 51 and bridge sizes from 20 to 24 all of which fit perfectly.


Ace Eyewear Wimbledon’s Glasses Sizing Guide

Our Top 10 Glasses For Small Faces.

1. A5 215 – Lunor

A lovely petite glasses frame, fine round panto shape handmade in Germany and available in a wide range of acetate colours from crystal to black and everything in between.

2. Phoebe – You Mawo

A classic, clean and elegant female shape with subtle uplifting curves and a textured matt finish that helps the frame blend seamlessly with the wearer’s face. Fantastic for those with petite features.

3. Rue de Turenne – Ahlem

Our first masculine frame on the list. Features 8mm thick Mazzucchelli Acetate for a slightly bolder look.

4. Place de Bastille – Ahlem

22k gold plated featuring a double-bar bridge. It can also double as a fantastic sunglass with transition lenses or a sun clip. The subtle tortoise acetate Windsor rim helps add a bit of colour and makes it easier to wear for paler skin tones.

5. Pont des Arts – Ahlem

Made up of sophisticated lines and numerous angles making the vintage shape very current. A great choice for the bold eyewear lover.

6. Model 234 by Lunor

Thanks to their lightness, the frames have an unobtrusive appearance on the face and gently emphasize your personality. A favourite of mine, in black Havana.

7. Rue Duroc – Ahlem

Another subtle, uplifting, female shape from Ahlem featuring chunkier acetate but softened up by the pastel smokelight acetate.

8. Rue de Theatre – Ahlem

Another chunky frame with soft subtle colour to ensure it doesn’t overpower the wearer. Featured in this lovely Thymelight acetate.

9. Tiffany – Salt

This frame is fine, easy to wear and available in several striking natural colours in keeping with Salt’s philosophy of natural colours.

10. Rue Bosquet – Ahlem

A neat slim silhouette with bevelled temples and a keyhole bridge.

Best Small, Petite Sunglasses


FORA – Goldlover

This sunglass from Portuguese Eyewear brand FORA is a frame that solves a problem that many looking for smaller and more petite styles experience and that is that although there are many smaller frames on the market they often come with a average bridge size when small is needed.

This is where FORA has designed the Goldlover perfectly for the petite wearer with its small, narrow bridge fitting. This means that the frame won’t slip down your nose.

Fora Goldlover - Mel Matte

Ahlem Abbesses

This frame is one of our favourites here at Ace Eyewear, it suits many different face shapes and skin tones thanks to the numerous colours they offer.

Ahlem Abbesses Sunglasses in Old Fashioned Rose

Anne et Valentin Sacha

This is a classic soft ladies’ upswept frame pictured here in Smokelight with flesh-coloured temples but also available in a classic turtle. Great for those with a raised brow line.

Anne & Valentin Sacha


What effect does frame size have on your prescription lenses?

As a general rule the larger the frame the thicker your prescription lenses will be, whether you are short-sighted or long-sighted.


If you are short slighted your prescription lenses will be concave thinner in the middle of the lens, or what we call the optical centre of the lens where your best vision will be achieved and thicker at the outside point of the lens.


The higher your prescription and or the larger the frame you select will mean the thickness at the edge of your lens will increase. Trick: selecting a thicker acetate frame will help hide and lens thickness that you may have.


If you are long-sighted, ie a plus prescription as your lens is convex the centre of the lens will be the thickest point. To get the best possible finish we recommend choosing a rounder frame shape such as the Lunor 226 or Thierry Lasry Lonely.


Helpful tips:

We recommend that if you have a prescription above +/- 2.00 dioptres you consider thinner lenses. Even using a lens that is one step thinner than standard will reduce your lens thickness by 30% and this in turn reduce the weight of your lenses.


How thick will my lenses be?

Did you know that if you are concerned about the thickness, weight and cosmetic look of your lenses we can calculate both the thickness and weight of your lenses to within one-hundredth of a millimetre and weight in grams before we order your lenses.

So you can be sure you will be happy with the appearance of your new glasses when they arrive.

You Mawo Custom Frames

Bespoke, Custom-made frames

Here at Ace Eyewear in Wimbledon, we partner with an innovative German eyewear brand called You Mawo. Not only is every frame in their collection available in every colour that they offer but they also offer a completely bespoke, custom-made frame service. During this, we take a 3D scan of your face which they then analyse and alter as many as eleven different frame measurements from eye size, bridge width and temple length so that your new glasses fit like a glove and you will no longer struggle to find petite glasses.


If you would like to view our fantastic petite range please do pop into our Wimbledon optician, where we also offer eye tests and frame styling consultations. Which can both be booked online.

We look forward to seeing you soon,