25-01-23 By: Michael Stent

Our New “Ace Customer Guarantee”

Glasses and vision you’ll love guaranteed


Do you find it hard choosing new eyewear, struggle to tell the frames on the shelves apart, and end up trying every pair in the shop or just gravitate to the same comfort zone style every year?

Don’t worry we take the indecision that can come with choosing new glasses out of the equation with our one-on-one frame styling consultation.

During this process, we select the best frames for you based on your face shape, features, and personal style, but that most importantly make you feel great, look great, and love putting on every morning.

We also offer our “Ace Customer Guarantee” which means if you don’t love your glasses for any reason you can come back within 30 days and choose a new pair of frames that you will love on us.


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