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05-04-22 By: Michael Stent

Polarised sunglasses explained

What are polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses reduce glare caused by light reflected effectively reducing glare and providing improved visual clarity for the wearer.


What are the advantages of polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses eliminate the debilitating reflected glare, for example, the sun reflecting off a wet road or the sea.

Removing this glare improves visual clarity and comfort, without the need to squint or strain to see clearly, the eyes are able to relax, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Polarised lenses also enhance colour contrast and the richness of the colours around you. Colours appear deeper and bolder.


Regular Sunglasses vs Polarised Sunglasses

What are the disadvantages of polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses are more expensive than regular sunglasses however the added benefit you get from polarised sunglasses we would recommend the investment.

Some digital devices can appear tricky to see through polarised lenses such as GPS and cycling computers.


Would we recommend polarised sunglasses?

Yes, we would always recommend polarised sunglasses because of the benefits in glare reduction and colour enhancement that we previously mentioned.

Polarised sunglasses are particularly important if you drive, run, cycle or do any water sports as well as if you are particularly light sensitive.

Regular Sunglasses vs Polarised Sunglasses

How do polarised lenses work?

When light is reflected off a flat surface it is reflected in a horizontal direction, when this light hits the lens the polarised film, which is embedded around half a millimetre from the front surface of the lens filters this light and only allows the vertical light through which is much less debilitating.


Are polarised lenses available in my prescription?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes.

Polarised lenses are available in single vision and varifocal lenses, whether you’re short-sighted up to -12.00D or long-sighted up to +6.00 we have you covered. If your prescription is a little bit higher or more complicated than most don’t worry polarised lenses are available in personalised lens designs.

These provide superior vision at the periphery of the lens and higher index materials that reduce the thickness and weight of the lens.

All of our prescription sunglasses come with a back surface anti-reflection coating as standard which reduces any reflections of the back surface of the lens.

This coating also comes with a 1-year no-quibble scratch warranty so if your lenses do accidentally get scratched we will replace them for you 🙂


What UV protection do polarised lenses offer?

Polarised lenses protect from both UVA, long long-term exposure has been linked to the formation of cataracts and retinal damage.

They also protect against UVB which can damage the crystalline lens inside your eye and the front layers of your eye such as the cornea or conjunctiva.*

What colour polarised lenses are available and which is best for me?

Polarised lenses are available in a wide range of colour including Khaki, Plum and Teal as well as your traditional colours such as Grey, Green and Brown.

They are available in a solid tint 85% absorption so nice and dark or a graduated tint which goes lighter towards the bottom of the lens and looks fantastic.

Grey lenses provide true-to-life colour perception and are a good choice for general outdoor use. Brown lenses offer enhanced contrast and are ideal for activities such as fishing or golfing. Green lenses provide high contrast and visual sharpness, making them a popular choice for water sports.


How do I take care of my polarised lenses?

If you’re wearing your sunglasses for everyday activities such as walking or driving a good lens spray and microfibre cloth will do the trick, but if you’re on holiday or your sunglasses for sport it’s likely that mud, sand or other abrasive particles may have found their way onto the lens if this is the case we recommend your run your glasses under the cold tap first to remove any particles before using your lens spray and microfibre cloth.


What shape and style of polarised sunglasses should you choose?

If you would like help selecting your perfect polarised sunglasses, we recommend reading our face shape guide which will help you understand which frame shapes are best for your face shape along with the best colours.


Polarised Prescription Sunglasses: Our Favourites

Here are a few of our favourite sunglasses all available with polarised prescription lenses.

Ahlem – Abbesses

Ahlem Abbesses Sunglasses in Dry Pampas

Fora – Goldlover

Fora Goldlover - Mel Matte

Thierry Lasry – Gambly

Thierry Lasry Gambly - Tokyo Tortoise

Ahlem – Grenelle

Ahlem Grenelle Sunglasses - Peach

Thierry Lasry – Sexxxy

Thierry Lasry Sexxxy - Emerald Green

If you would like to choose your next pair of polarised sunglasses please book a styling consultation.

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