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21-07-21 By: Michael Stent

The perfect sunglasses for a summer of sport

Whether you’re striding down the fairways of Royal Wimbledon, or enjoy a nice social game of tennis at one of Wimbledon’s many tennis clubs or a Sunday morning cycle, give yourself the competitive edge with sport’s sunglasses from Bolle. 

Bolle was born in France in 1888 and since 1936 has been producing market-leading sports sunglasses, with a drive for innovation and perfection at its core.

Bolle Golf Sunglasses

Sunglass Lenses in Wimbledon


Bolle’s Phantom range of photochromic lenses adapt with the changing conditions you may experience during the course of your ride, set or round. 

The key to the phantom range is enhancing both contrast and depth perception for the wearer. Whether that be enhancing the white lines and yellow ball to make that line call that much clearer using the Phantom Court lens or the Phantom Brown Gun which help to highlight the undulations of the green and hopefully hole more putts and for the cyclists the Phantom Clear Green offers increased optical clarity.

Volt+ is Bolle’s revolutionary polarised colour enhancement lens, enhancing all colours rather than diminishing others to enhance one. Available in a range of colours and mirrors, great for skiing, hiking and sailing (not available in prescription). 

All of Bolle’s lenses are made from either NXT or polycarbonate both highly impact-resistant materials to protect against wayward balls and other objects. They also have anti-fog, anti-scratch and oleo/hydrophobic treatment’s built into the lens and many models including the Lightshifter and Chronoshield the lens shape is designed to increase ventilation. 


Sunglasses Frames in Wimbledon


Bolle uses the highest grade nylon which allows their frames to be lightweight, strong and flexible. They also have an adjustable, hypoallergenic nosepiece allowing the wearer the perfect fit.  

Here is a couple of our favourite’s:

The Lightshifter, great for cycling and the choice for the AG2R La Mondiale pro cycle team. 

The Bolt 2.0, is your classic sports sunglass. Great for golfers and tennis players. 

To view our new Bolle collection pop into our Wimbledon boutique or book a styling consultation via our website. 

Enjoy this summer of sport.