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27-07-22 By: Michael Stent

AHLEM – Core Optical Frames

As many of you may know if you read the first of our new “core” journal series we are highlighting our favourite frames and sunglasses from the independent eyewear designers that we work with here at our Wimbledon boutique. If you haven’t had a chance to read the first of the series where we introduce the core sunglasses from LA-based, Parisian designer Ahlem click here. Today we are exploring her optical collection.

Ahlem Core Frames 2023


AHLEM – Rue Servan

The Rue Servan is a fantastic unisex shape, perfectly balanced between round and square meaning it suits many different face shapes. It features subtle raw cutouts on the front and temples. A perfect frame for a first-time wearer who wants something bolder but doesn’t want their glasses to be the centre of attention. Loads of great colours are available but our favourite has to be the Dark Blue paired with sapphire transitions lenses.

Rue Servan Bluelight AHLEM

AHLEM – Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts is specifically designed to be the statement frame for the petite lady. Produced in 8mm Mazzucchelli acetate and manufactured like all other Ahlem frames in Oyanaxx, France. The frame features and raw outside bevel which really makes the silhouette of the frame pop. Our favourite colour at the moment would probably be black as it really pops.

AHLEM Pont Des Arts Optical

AHLEM – Rue Bosquet

Is a timeless round, with a slim silhouette and a flattened top which adds a nice point of difference from most other round shapes. One of Ahlem’s most popular frames it is available in a whole spectrum of colours from Goldlight a pale acetate with a slight yellow hew, Orange turtle for those who prefer a slightly warmer mottle as well as brighter colours such as Green and Blue.

Rue Bosquet - AHLEM

AHLEM – Saint-Dominique

The Saint-Dominique mixes raw-acetate finish with an angular structure. We find this frame is perfect for ladies whose face shape suits a slightly squarer shape frame. Thanks to the slightly lowered bridge this means the frame doesn’t have the usual flat top edge found on squarer frames which can give the frame a slightly more masculine feel and appearance.

AHLEM – Rue Amelie

The Rue Amelie as the name suggest is a ladies’ model. Very classic and easy to wear and a great first foray into glasses. It’s softly upswept shape follows most brow lines perfectly. It is available in a fantastic Roselight colour which is great for those of us blessed with a summer tan (not me, unfortunately).

If you would like to view the Ahlem collection please head over to our boutique here in Wimbledon where we also offer styling consultations, eye tests and contact lens fittings or browse our brand-new online shop. 

We hope to see you all soon,