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10-08-22 By: Michael Stent

Lunor – Core Frames

Founded in 1991 by a master optician Gernet Lindor, Lunor is an independent eyewear label with a passion for the history of eyewear design and since 2019 they have been manufacturing their eyewear in their very own carbon-neutral factory in the Black Forest.

Lunor’s styles are elegant, timeless and chic. Never bending the ebbs and flows of fashion, many of their frames have been in their collection for over ten years and look as current now as they did when they were first released.

Chief designer Michael Fux often draws inspiration from historic models and moulds them into up-to-date styles for new collections. He states that “Retro” is a design feature for the company and that “Good style is not a matter of time”

During an interview with optical industry publisher SPECTRE “We do not implement any fake rivets or decorative covers. Every element featured on the frame serves a function”

There are just twenty master craftsmen who produce Lunor’s famous frames each of whom is only satisfied when every detail of the spectacles they have produced excels in functionality and comfort. Lunor’s passion for eyewear doesn’t just stop with their own collections, over the years they have also curated a collection of vintage 16th-century eyewear from fine gold frames to folding frames.


Lunor Glasses – Core Frames

Lunor A11 452

A large, almost oversized model, fantastic for wearers who want a stylish frame but whose more petite features suit a slim acetate frame. Available in a variety of colours from a dark turtle, to a vintage grey matte. Our favourite is a grey mottle featured below.

Lunor glasses A11 452

Lunor A6 246

The A6 246 is produced using a slightly thicker acetate than the A11 series frames, the 246 is a very easy-to-wear model for many face shapes due to it being perfectly balanced between your true round and rectangular frames. Featuring timeless paddle temples which make the frame extremely comfortable. As one of the most popular models in the Lunor collection, it is available in sixteen different colours many in both polished and matte finishes.

Lunor A6 246


Lunor A5 215

This frame is a petite round eye with a vintage feel. Perfect for high prescriptions or small faces, it was featured in our recent blog Top 10 Glasses for Small Faces.

Lunor A5 215

Lunor A6 250

A large rectangular frame from the thicker A6 collection again featuring paddle temples. This frame is perfect for men with less defined features as it adds structure to the face and is also available in an almost identical larger 55-eye model called A6 256. To learn more about how frames are sized give our blog post on the subject a read.

Lunor A6 250

Lunor A5 234

The A5 234 is an extremely balanced unisex frame which is available in over 20 colours to match your outfit, mood or skin tone.

Lunor A5 234

Here at Ace Eyewear, Wimbledon we offer complimentary personal frame styling consultations to help guide you to your perfect Lunor frame shape, style and colour. As well as in depth eye examinations. If you would like to book in for either click here.

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