28-06-23 By: Michael Stent

FORA Sunglasses | Introducing the Collection

We are thrilled to have received our first delivery of FORA sunglasses this week and to be their first stockist here in the UK. We thought therefore it would be fitting to introduce the brand:


Fora was founded in 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Inspired by vintage glasses and sunglasses and having realized they experienced sun 90% of the year (lucky people, having done a quick Google search we in London experience sun 35% of the year). They set about to create the first 100% Portuguese eyewear brand.



“FORA Means Outside, so get your frames and head outside”



FORA offers premium quality sunglasses with top-of-the-range Zeiss sun lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. All models are also available with polarised lenses for those who wish to eliminate any reflected glare.


Their frames are all made in Portugal by skilled artisans who are experts in their field with over 30 years of experience in making frames.

Model wearing Fora Charmer Sunglasses

FORA Sunglasses Collection


FORA Goldlover

If you are looking for a classic, elegant yet cool pair of sunglasses Goldlover is the frame for you. It can be worn on a Saturday stroll around Wimbledon Common or dressed up for a summer wedding or trip to the tennis, with either a flowing dress or summer linen suit.

This frame is also very versatile when it comes to which face shapes can wear the Goldlover, they include square, diamond, and the ones that can wear anything the oval faces. Lucky people!



The Hero is another timeless design that is slightly more masculine in feel. This frame is perfect for those with a rounder or oval face shape as it will help add structure. This frame is Mel Matte and Crystal Grey.


FORA Sunglasses – Dealer

The Dealer is one of FORA’s most popular frames. It is a slightly bolder design, using thicker Italian acetate. It features a key-hole bridge and begins to narrow from the joint down making this a great frame for gents or ladies. The Dealer definitely has a slightly sportier and more casual feel. Making it the perfect look on a trip to the beach or wandering around in a casual t-shirt.


It is available in a number of softer tones including blue, green, and crystal as well as your traditional black and tortoise options. This frame reminds us of a popular model for us the Ahlem Champ des Mars.



A bold frame with clean angles and a slight uplift at the bridge. Perfect for ladies who like a slightly oversized style. The Stranger is available in a beautiful Olive and Dark Tort.


Other frames in the collection include the Charmer and Fora X Tema collaboration frame. These both offer a more “beach music” vibe. Sharper is an angular frame that offers a bit more of a street style and let’s not forget the Goldlover Mini for the children.


When you are next in the village why not pop in and try a few pairs, we promise they won’t disappoint. Get your prescription up to date, and book an eye examination today.

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Michael – Owner