13-07-23 By: Michael Stent

What glasses suit my face?

What glasses suit my face? Do you ever find yourself standing in the optician thinking what frames suit my face?


Don’t worry this won’t be the case any longer. In this eyewear styling tutorial, we will reveal the process and rules we follow to select the perfect glasses or sunglasses for their face shape during their styling consultation with us.


Have you ever got home after collecting your new glasses and found yourself thinking “Why did I buy these?”. Well by following this simple three-step process we promise this will never happen again.


Through years of experience, we have fine-tuned this process so that our clients leave us with glasses they love and look great. Just read some of our over 80 Five Star Reviews on Google since we opened in Wimbledon Village a little over two years ago.



“A personal shopping experience with the very qualified Michael who was excellent at finding a pair of statement glasses for a reasonable rate. Lots of complements to support my new purchase” – Alison, Wimbledon



What Glasses Suit My Face? The Steps to Perfect Glasses


Tip 1: Determine Your Face Shape

Although there are many face shapes to keep it simple we have kept it to two, a square face shape and a round face shape. We suggest selecting a shape that you feel your face has the most similarities with.


Glasses for a Square Face:

Key features:

  • Your face is equally wide at the forehead and cheekbones.
  • Angular jawline

Square Face Frame suggestions: We suggest a rounder shape to soften up your features.

More recommendations.


Glasses for a Round Face:

Key Features:

  • Wide cheekbones
  • Soft features

Round Face Frame suggestions: We recommend rectangular and angular frames to add definition and structure.

More recommendations.

Best glasses for round faces

Tip 2: Assess your features

A nice easy rule to follow is to match the thickness of the frame with the strength of your features.

If you have small features choose a thinner frame or if you wish to go thicker a softer colour.

If you have bolder features such as thick eyebrows or a wider nose choose a thicker, bolder frame style.

Best glasses for large features

Tip 3: Is your skin tone warm or cool

An easy way to assess your skin tone is if you burn in the sun you’re generally cool and if you turn a nice golden, olive colour then you’re warm.


Warm skins tones

We recommend colours like Tortoiseshell, Red, Nude and Gold.

Frames for warm skin tones

Cool skin tones

We recommend colours like Green, Blue, and Lavender.

Frames for cool skin tones


If you would like us to help you select your next pair of glasses or sunglasses why not book your own one-one styling consultation here in Wimbledon.

Have a great day,

Michael – Owner & Styling Expert