20-08-23 By: Michael Stent

Tortoiseshell Glasses

Our Top 10 Tortoiseshell Glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses are a true classic design and one that we feel every glasses wearer should have in the collection. Tortoiseshell frames offer great versatility from smart to casual, from meetings to meeting friends. Choose your style wisely and they never go out of fashion.


Lunor A6 246

Lunor has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality tortoiseshell frame for over 30 years so we feel this is a great place to start. All of their tortoiseshell frames are available in either a polished or a matte finish. So take your pick.

Size: Small/Medium

Face shape: Suits Oval, Triangle, and Rectangular

Lunor A6 246 - Dark Tortoiseshell

Thierry Lasry – Frenety

This striking features a graduated mottle design with a traditional dark tortoiseshell at the top of the frame and a lighter, warmer tortoiseshell along the bottom of the frame. This bold statement frame features titanium joints which helps reduce the weight of the frame making it extremely comfortable to wear.

Size: Medium/Large

Face shape: Oval and Round

Thierry Lasry Frenety - Gradient Havana Tortoiseshell

Ahlem – Rue Bosquet

This evergreen frame has been in the collection for a number of years but is not one we will get tired of anytime soon. Featured in a dark tortoiseshell, this frame is a blend of heritage, intelligence, and sophistication.

Size: Small/Medium

Face shape: Suits Oval, Triangle, and Rectangular

Ahlem Rue Bosquet - Dark Tortoiseshell

Ahlem – Segur

The Ahlem Segur is a statement piece from Parisian eyewear designer Ahlem featuring 22k gold plating and 8mm thick Mazzucheli acetate this frame packs a big visual punch.

Size: Medium

Face shape: Suits Oval, Triangle, and Rectangular

Ahlem Segur - Dark Turtle

Thierry Lasry – Dystopy

Moving away from your traditional brown tortoiseshell, to a no-traditional but stunning grey tortoiseshell from Thierry Lasry, a man once described as “the French eyewear wizz” by Elle magazine.

Size: Large

Face shape: Suits all face shapes

Thierry Lasry Dystopy - Grey Tortoiseshell

Lunor A5 234

Another grey tortoiseshell frame this time from Lunor eyewear. From their A5 collection which features a slimmer silhouette and traditional temples. A great small unisex frame that is available in a wide variety of colours.

Size: Small

Face shape: Suits Oval and Triangle.

Lunor A5 234 - Grey Tortoiseshell

Ahlem Rivoli

Released as part of the AW22 collection, this dark tortoiseshell frame features a raw factory-cut finish and Ahlem’s signature flag pin joints.

Size: Medium

Face shape: Suits Oval and Round

Kuboraum – K5

This strong cat eye is a must-have for any lady with a softer oval face shape who is looking to make an impression with their glasses.

Size: Medium/Large

Face shape: Suits Round/Oval face with a high browline.

Kuboraum K3

Lunor A6 251

This timeless round eye is featured in a softer and lighter tortoiseshell perfect for those with a warm skin tone.

Size: Medium

Face shape: Suits Oval, Triangle, and Rectangular

Lunor 251 C3M

Anne et Valentin – David

A brand new model from Toulouse-based eyewear brand Anne et Valentin, this masculine frame features a strong angular bridge and browline making this very much a statement frame.

Size: Medium

Face shape: Suits Oval and Round

Anne et Valentin - David

History of Tortoiseshell Glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses, once a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication, have a rich history that spans centuries. Originating in the 16th century, these distinctive frames were initially crafted from the shells of hawksbill sea turtles, renowned for their beautiful mottled patterns. The exquisite artistry involved in shaping and polishing tortoiseshell frames made them highly coveted among the European aristocracy.

As the demand for tortoiseshell glasses grew, so did concerns for the turtles’ conservation. In response, innovative artisans began exploring alternative materials, paving the way for the development of synthetic tortoiseshell. Today, tortoiseshell glasses are an enduring fashion statement, blending vintage charm with eco-conscious design. With their timeless appeal and sustainability, these glasses continue to adorn the faces of fashion-forward individuals, honoring their storied past while embracing a brighter, more responsible future.


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